LazyChops cuts glass cane/murrini from 1/8″ to minor amounts of 1/2″ in diameter. LazyChops works on the same principle as your hand nippers. The difference being leverage. LazyChops can excerpt a half-ton (1000 pounds) of force making short work of cutting glass cane between two tungsten carbide blades. Your hand tendons will thank you 100o times over.

The carbide blades are replaceable ( 1 extra blade and a safety shield are included). What’s the difference between LazyChops and others costing more than twice as much? Not much, both do an excellent job of cutting cane. The difference between LazyChops and lessor costing nippers is the Quality, Durability, and Performance ( smooth 1/2 ton of force) built into every LazyChops. You learn a thing or two after making 90 LazyChops. Download instructions here.

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$360, shipping included

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